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About us

Klásek Trading s.r.o is the largest Czech pyrotechnics company and one of the largest suppliers of fun pyrotechnics in Europe.

Our range comprises more than 1,500 items of all categories, i.e. F1, F2, F3, F4, T1 and T2.

Our offer has thus clearly become the largest in all of Europe and we are really convinced that each customer will find exactly what he is looking for.



Since 1991, when we started supplying pyrotechnics to the shop networks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a lot of time has elapsed. Since then, the Klásek brand has undergone very dynamic development and profiled its sales range to the current form. Currently, the Klásek brand pyrotechnics are used by thousands of satisfied customers all over Europe.


The main objective of the Klásek brand is to achieve the best quality-price ratio, where the quality usually exceeds the usual standard in its price category. We place the biggest emphasis mainly on use of quality and clean compositions, functionality of the individual products, compliance with manufacturing procedures and careful outgoing inspection in China and incoming inspection upon import into the EU.


In our range, you will find a large number of products, which are the result of completely unique development by Klásek Trading s.r.o. The new ideas, technical solutions and innovations applied in our products respond to the wishes of our customers who in this way, together with us, create ever more advanced products.

2021 was literally revolutionary for us! As one of the few companies, we were able to arrange the delivery of goods and "have" the goods in stock at the right time. This resulted in the sale of over 300,000 cartons during the 2021 season and I am confident that we sold one of the largest quantities of pyrotechnics in the whole of the EU in 2021. Very realistically, if we had an unlimited amount of goods, we would sell multiples of the amount sold, unfortunately we were not ready for that. In 2022, we will try to have the goods in stock again at the right time with the aim of selling an even larger quantity than last year and thus consolidating our position as the largest importer of pyrotechnics into the EU.
The year 2021 can without exaggeration be called a fight for goods and survival on the pyrotechnics market. As I predicted last year, the struggle of many companies to stay on the pyrotechnics market is still going on. Realistically, I think that in a short time there will be very few import companies left in Europe that will be able to deliver goods to their customers on time.
Problems with the supply of goods were and are mainly caused
1, Corona crisis and stoppage of production in 2020
2, in 2020, many companies did not order goods during the Corona crisis - sold out of stock, and in 2021, all companies wanted to order a large amount of goods
3, by the drastic reduction of production capacities in China and the strict regulation of the production and transportation of goods by the Chinese government
4, the lack of transport capacity and sea containers
Due to these 4 points, pyrotechnics became a highly scarce commodity, when the reality was felt by every trader at the end of 2021, when it was a problem to get any goods at all.
We expect a similar course in 2022 as well, as production/transportation capacities are still not able to accommodate all pyrotechnics orders from around the world.
This year (or already last year) we did everything we could to have goods ready for the season for our customers. Hopefully everything will work out according to our expectations and we will have the goods. However, what is already clear is that there will probably not be enough goods within the EU for all traders and the key factor will be to buy the goods well in advance.
In my opinion, the situation on the market will not change even in 2023 for all the above reasons. I can already see the problem of ordering some types of pyrotechnics with delivery for the 2023 season!

Currently, the prices of pyrotechnics have not increased much compared to the end of 2021. The exception is some items where prices have increased by tens of % due to insufficient production capacities for some segments of pyrotechnics. Unfortunately, further price increases are very real, the only question is when and by how much. With a view to the end of 2022 and 2023, I expect an increase of at least 15%, and for some items even significantly more...

This year, we changed or modernized the design of many dozens of products. In this way, we have consolidated our product lines so that customers can easily familiarize themselves with them.

Best price - the most popular series of products with a better price than the same products on the market.
Dumbum - legendary products, whose only task is the biggest possible explosion, which is legally possible in the given category. The ever-increasing sales volume of this series indicates that Dumbum has been at the top of its segment for almost 20 years!
Fireworks show- straight mortar only compound fireworks available in red design (1.3G) and yellow design (1.4G).
Profi Fireworks show - compound fireworks with different mortar angles/diameters available in blue design (1.3G) and red design (1.4G).
Pyrotechnology – a series of products with a higher content of pyrotechnic compounds and improved effects, available in red design (1.3G) and yellow design (1.4G).
Signature – a series of products with the largest possible number of pyrotechnic compositions and top quality effects.
King Fireworks - contains only a few products and is always the largest possible composite firework in the F2, F3 and F4 category.


Distribution centre

Our distribution center covers an area of more than 9000 m2. Hydraulic cargo docks which enable loading of cars of all sizes.

Klásek Trading  Sklad

The warehouse is also secured by a 12 000 m sprinkler system
(red tubes), where the sprinkler head is above each pallet! And one of the 24 corridors of the warehouse, which has
a capacity of 300 000 cartons (2. picture).

Our company store offering more than 300 various items


Office & showroom

Office  Office



We look forward to co-operation and we wish you all only succes and beautiful experiences with our Klásek traditional family pyrotechnics.




Petr Klásek




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