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RIAkeo & Klasek pyrotechnics

Dear customers,

Happy Family is one of the main manufacturers of our pyrotechnics and we have been working with them for almost 15 years.

In these 15 years of cooperation, together with Mr. Zhiming Zhou and Ms. Amy Liu, we have come a long way and done a lot of good work. This joint work has resulted in Happy Family being one of the largest pyrotechnics manufacturers in the world, with their annual production well in excess of 1500 shipping containers, and our company has become one of the largest importers of pyrotechnics into Europe. So much just to understand the situation, i.e. who is behind the RIAKEO brand.

When I invented our SIGNATURE line more than 8 years ago, many people were skeptical because the price was more than 40% higher than standard products. However, I knew that the quality of the products would find its customers and tried to keep improving the quality of these products.

Within a few years, our Signature line has found a lot of fans and is now a firm member among our sales brands. From the very beginning until today, almost all of our Signature products have been manufactured by Happy Family and the future will be no different. A few years ago, Mr. Zhiming Zhou had the idea to supply the European market with goods of the highest possible quality and the RIAKEO brand was born.

By the way, Happy Family has been supplying the USA with products of this highest quality for several years now and these goods have become probably the biggest hit in the USA in recent years!

Riakeo products are manufactured in only one special factory, where everything from start to finish is different from the usual Chinese pyrotechnics production.The Riakeo factory does not produce any other goods than Riakeo, and a very strict to the point of pedantry is used to ensure the quality of the final product.

Only the highest quality raw materials and only the most expensive effects possible are used to produce all Riakeo products. As a result, the Riakeo and Signature line is something that has almost no competition on the market in terms of effect quality.

We are very proud to be able to offer Riakeo from this year onwards and we firmly believe that this very popular brand will find its fans in Western Europe and in our region as well.

Please note in advance that these are very expensive and special products, where the price is 40% higher than the standard product. Nevertheless, we can see how fast Riakeo is developing and how positively it has been received in Europe.

Take a look at the videos of the products on offer and we believe you will agree with us that Riakeo is truly a gem in the pyrotechnics range.

In order to keep the products as authentic as possible, we will be offering these products in Chinese packaging and they will be available under Chinese codes as well.

Try Riakeo and we guarantee you won‘t want anything else.

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